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      As co-author Raymond Hull explained in a Vancouver Sun article "We're attempting not only to depict the event of Gassy Jack's life but also to take people back into his age to show events and some of the features of life in his day."

      What reviewers have said about "Gastown's Gassy Jack", "..An engaging and well-researched booklet. It tells much more than has generally been recorded of the life and times of our first citizen. ..The first definitive biography of the notorious Gassy Jack of Gastown" (John Rodgers, Vancouver Sun, December 9, 1971)

      "A fascinating 50 page paperback about the life and times of the man who must be regarded as the Father of Vancouver... an essential piece of local colour... a fascinating picture of BC-Brawling Columbia-made even more compelling by vivid period photographs." (Dick Maclean's Leisure Guide)

      There is a lot more to say about Gassy Jack, his life and times, and it is in "Gastown's Gassy Jack." Included is a posthumous diagnosis of Gassy Jack's medical condition as assessed over a hundred years later by Dr. N. Bruchovsky of Vancouver.

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